Med Matrix

The Basis Therapy for Regeneration and Detoxification

Med matrix was developed especially to detoxify and regenerate soft connective tissue, known as matrix or mesenchyma. The effect of the matrix regeneration therapy is threefold: connective tissue is freed from toxins and metabolic stress, cell structures damaged by chronic infection are repaired, and cells in the connective tissue and immune system are re-mobilized in their function and activity. The therapy flushes toxins out of the tissue and frees the organism of them. An effect which can be felt immediately.

Medical Function

The therapy with Med matrix is made up of three, tried and tested, individual therapies: Rhythmical direct current therapy, petechial suction massage and system information therapy (S-I-T). All three mutually reinforce in each other:

The DC therapy actively mobilizes toxins and waste products through electrical repolarization, so that the metabolism is stimulated to return to its normal function.

Petechial massage involves a form of cupping. The suction electrode produces local suction in the tissue which transports waste products and toxins from deep tissue up to the surface from where it can leave the organism. Tissue is smoothed and any reddening which appears during treatment vanishes quickly.

In a third step, the System Information Therapy neutralises negative oscillations and transforms them within the Med matrix device. Combined with information signals and magnetic fields which reactivate cell and metabolic activity, they are returned to the patient as therapeutic signals. This mobilizes the process of self-healing and provides relief to the immune system.